Johnny H. Young

Friends would say, "he's always taking photos"... it's always been something to enjoy!

Turning a passion into a part-time business allows me more opportunities to express my creative side to deliver quality work to my clients.

The working environments are enjoyable and who doesn't enjoy a wedding/party/walk in the park!?

Originally training to become a professional Trombone player, my focus was redirected as I realised the limited opportunities available. With a job in Finance through the week, photography work not only gives me that creative outlet but also allows me to meet and work with great people at their events or helping grow their business.

In addition, each week my son and I enjoy a Boys Day Out. The photography business allows me to financially take that day-off from the day job to really enjoy going out with my boy.

Your questions and comments are welcome, as I really do take great pleasure in being considered to provide photography and video services to people.

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